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SSI Registration

Small Scale and ancillary units (i.e. undertaking with investment in plant and machinery of less than Rs. 10 million) should seek registration with the Director of Industries of the concerned State Government.

Registering your SSI Unit

The main purpose of Registration is to maintain statistics and maintain a roll of such units for the purposes of providing incentives and support services.

Procedure for Registration

Features of the present procedures are as follows:

• A unit can apply for PRC(provisional registration certificate) for any item that does not require industrial license which means items listed in Schedule-III and items not listed in Schedule-I or Schedule-II of the licensing Exemption Notification. Units employing less than 50/100 workers with/without power can apply for registration even for those items included in Schedule-II.

• Unit applies for PRC in prescribed application form. No field enquiry is done and PRC is issued.

• PRC is valid for five years. If the entrepreneur is unable to set up the unit in this period, he can apply afresh at the end of five years period.

• Once the unit commences production, it has to apply for permanent registration on the prescribed form. The following form basis of evaluation:

• The unit has obtained all necessary clearances whether statutory or administrative. e.g. drug license under drug control order, NOC from Pollution Control Board, if required etc.

• Unit does not violate any locational restrictions in force, at the time of evaluation.

• Value of plant and machinery is within prescribed limits.

• Unit is not owned, controlled or subsidiary of any other industrial undertaking as per notification.

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